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Welcome to the #1 tribute page to our friend, captain, god, and favorite monkey: Maya. Here, you will find a number of facts, de-bunked myths, and pictures of the woman herself. No other fansite is as heartfelt and informative as mine, as I get my sources directly from the Cap'n (Maya). Any other fansite claiming to be more accurate and informative than mine is lying and will not have the most updated information on our belovded deity. Please enjoy this site I have made for all her adoring fans.


It all started on a bleak school campus in California where happiness seemed like an impossible goal. Although I already had a few friends to get through highschool with, I knew there was a certain element missing in my life: love. It was then that I locked my bright, brown eyes with Maya's bright, brown eyes in Chinese class, and we knew at that moment that love on first sight was real. Hesitant at first, our Monkey Queen (Maya) was unsure whether or not to spend her precious time with such a drifter such as myself. A certain god however, who I still think to this day was Mufasa's ghost, whispered to Maya that letting me, the Lion Queen, into her life was a good idea. I thank Mufasa every day for this gift.

I own none of the art you see on these pages execpt the one I drew of Maya
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