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Favorite Colors (In Order): yellow, orange,
black, blue, green, red, purple, pink
Blood Type: A+
Left eye: astigmatism -4.75
Right eye: -3.00
Birth Weight: 10lbs
Nationality: German
Favorite Woman: Maya's own Mother

Did you know Maya has the rare ability to shape shift into various animals? These animals include and are not limited to: dogs, cats, horses, young cattle, and extinct animals. Sightings of Maya turning into animals are rare, but because I am such good friends with her, she has shown me in person. So you have to take my word for it. She is much like Beast Boy from the Japanese-American popular cartoon Teen Titans. If you ask Maya about this certain superpower of hers, she will go into a fit of blind rage.

Wrapping up the Facts section, I would like to let all of the fans know of Maya's origin: Madagascar. Her parents were immensely inspired by Dreamwork's Madagascar (2005), therefore wanting their last born child to come from the island itself. If shown her birth certificate, you will find that she is in fact a natural born resident of Madagascar.

I own NONE of the art you see on these pages execpt the one I drew of Maya