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Welcome to the FAQ page of the fansite! Here, I will be answering commonly asked inquires and confirming or disapproving rumors. If there is ever a question you have on our deity (Maya), it's best to refer to me. It is fact that if one asks a question to Maya, she will go into a blind fit of rage. Please do yourself a favor and be safe.

Q: Does Maya like dogs?
A: Yes, Maya is infautuated with canines. She especially likes big dogs, such as Great Danes.

Q: Does Maya have any bodyguards?
A: Maya does not have any body guards, but does have the power to force people to consume bees.

And that concludes the long FAQ. I know there were a lot of questions, but thank you for carefully reading through all of them. Here at MyGirl, I want to make sure the best asks are answered as to avoid bombarding Maya with questions. I hope I was able to save you some time by answering a question you might have had. This FAQ may be updated in the future, so stay tuned for any updates! If you are not sated with the vast information found here, the Facts section of the website holds much more on our girl, Maya.

I own NONE of the art you see on these pages execpt the one I drew of Maya