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What happens when Maya finally finishes her near immortal life? Her successor takes over. Our future relies in AE-124, or 'Alex's' hands. Alex is engineered by Maya's elite scientists, including me. We made it so that he could live ten times as long, survive being crushed with forty tons of weight, withstand all natural disasters, and shrink into a baby if necessary. These are just some of the powers AE-124 can do.

Favorite Color: white
Birthday 1/11/99
Weight: 136lbs
Favorite Game: Osu!
Favorite Animal: penguin
Height: 6'0
Favorite Movie: any Adam Sandler movie

The table above gives one a sneak peek to AE-124's fake birth certificate, complete with a birth date and all. The throng of students at this school can not tell the different between their human peers and the countless robots that also walk among them. Human students don't realize this because our robots are so lifelike, as they have genuine interests such as anime. Alex is one of many robots who enjoy watching these famous Japanese cartoons. Although science has allowed us to advance this far, we must never let the machines know they are robots. It would send them into an existential rampage.

I own NONE of the art you see on these pages execpt the one I drew of Maya